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What is it with yoga and pets? Why do the try interrupt us every time we try and do downward dog? Here are some adorable cats and dogs that don’t want to be left out while their humans are doing yoga!

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Soooo cute!


Partners in crime


Partners in crime

Asker matereya Asks:
This is a tumblr hug. Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite tumblr followers to show them how much you love them. Make sure you don’t break the chain. ♥ :D
lbwings lbwings Said:


Finally the hug I wanted to use has been allowed! <3 ♥♥

- Action adventure animation for all ages (I believe Legend of Korra is the end or beginning of the end) for US tv.

-good family friendly movies that are G rated. (Character development and feel good stories that didn’t require you to be ‘13’ or older.)



WHERE are they getting this stuff !!

By Lauren [tumblr]


Forbidden love


Forbidden love

  1. What did you do to get stitches on your tongue?

Oh I just had a growth that was changing on it. Its been an odd place to deal with. XD

For the first time in my life I’ve gotten stitches. And they are on my tongue! Dang these things are annoying. No wonder they kept saying don’t mess with them a lot.

Friendly note if you are going in for something with the tongue before you go make sure to have ice at home. I want an ice cube so bad right now and the trays are all empty. -.-